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History and heritage


from the land of Rosporden

Created on December 20, 2012, the History and Heritage association of the country of Rosporden sets itself the goal of safeguarding and promoting the history and the tangible and intangible heritage of the country of Rosporden in all its forms. For this she undertakes all kinds of research, collection of information and objects. To ensure dissemination  and the transmission of memory, it organizes events of all forms (exhibitions, conferences, etc.), using all forms of communication support.

HPPR is a "law 1901" association (RNA:  W 294 005 210 - SIRET: 829 051 432 00013), open to all residents of surrounding municipalities: Rosporden-Kernével, but also Elliant, Melgven  and Tourc'h. Of course, we welcome our members beyond this border!

What do we do ?

Now, with more than forty members who can meet during our weekly permanence on Wednesday, and / or during the monthly plenary assembly, the HPPR association -  led by an elected committee composed of six members -  develops its research thanks to several workshops led by a referent and which operate by theme.

These workshops present the result of their work in different forms: slide show or video projection, exhibitions, conferences, publications and DVDs, which you can see on this site.

Please note that participation in our various workshops is by no means compulsory: we are also, all things considered, a Dating Club ... in our own way of course!

We also lent our support to various associations or local businesses: the Joutes de l'Aven, the CGHC cousinade of Elliant, the Woodscop festival, the Telethon , the international association of friends of Pierre Loti , the CLAL Saint-Yvi , the Rosporden Veterans; more recently, we brought our "historical lights" to the Gourmet Walks of AVEN Animation as well as to the Association for the Safeguarding of the Heritage of Notre Dame de Rosporden  ; soon it will be alongside Ar Ruskenn at Melgven.

Do not hesitate to join us, to lend us your documents for copying ... or to become donors because our needs are great!

Finally, we are happy and flattered by the reception you give to our achievements. Be warmly thanked.   


HPPR is waiting for you!

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