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The Great War and the soldiers of the land of Rosporden

Exposure  from 23/11 to 31/12 at Pensivy college. 3 pages -

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"Lan, Plou, Loc"

Conference by Albert Deshayes on 17/11 at the multipurpose room of Melgven. - 1  page  -

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Festivities and Leisure in Rosporden

Exhibition from 10/21 to 10/22. - 17 pages -

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Breton cycling: birth and development

Conference by Georges Cadiou on 10/21 - Rosporden Cultural Center. - 4  pages -

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In the footsteps of the Roman roads in Brittany

Lecture by Jean-Yves Eveillard on 09/15 at Bannalec, Salle Ty-Laouen - 1 page -

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Tourc'h: Re-Tourc'h towards the past

Exhibition of Florence Delneufcourt  from 05/08 to 20/08. - 3  pages -

Livre Rosporden une histoire industrielle au XXe siècle
ROSPORDEN, an industrial history in the 20th century

Publication  - 06/30 by G. Carduner, JC Caron, JP Le Cloirec, R. Le Dez, M. Le Doeuff, M. Le Heurte, A. Mazeau, F. Nedellec, MY Talec - referent M. Quinet. - 11  pages -

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Tourists in the Belle Epoque in Brittany

Conference by Serge Duigou on 06/15, Tourc'h multipurpose room. - 1  page  -

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Cycling sport in Rosporden

Exhibition from 05/02 to 05/14. - 14  pages -

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The exp. de Kerguelen and St Allouarn in the southern seas in 1771-1772

Conference by Serge Duigou on 04/06 - Salle polyvalente de Melgven. - 13  pages -

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In the footsteps of the Roman roads in Brittany

Conference by Jean-Yves Eveillard on 02/10 in Riec-sur-Belon. - 8  pages -

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Roman roads near you

Exhibition by F. Delneufcourt & P. Lebègue from 02/03 to 02/28 at Bannalec. - 8  pages -

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Traveling in Brittany in the past

Conference by Serge Duigou on 01/19. - 8  pages -

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