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08/05/2021: Florence DELNEUFCOURT at the microphone of RCF RADIO  :  5 minutes of interview

Exhibition in the Chapel of Locjean en Kernével :  The Gallo-Roman temple of Grande Boissière in Kernével ... as if you were there!

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The HPPR Estivales:

  • A stroll through Rosporden through the ages

  • Chapels , feudal motte and Manor : La Véronique in Bannalec and Goarlot, Le Moustoir and Kermadeoua in Kernével

  • Exhibition in the Chapel of Locjean in Kernével : The Gallo-Roman temple of Grande Boissière in Kernével

2021 03 21 couverture 01 aven 1 Réduit R

Currently, visit the ... 50 Moulins sur l'Aven!

Since Friday, June 4, you can get the work of René Le Dez which will complete his previous book devoted to

Remarkable rural heritage  :

Journey on the Aven, Sources in Pont-Aven


On sale in ... the good bookstores of

Rosporden, Concarneau, Pont-Aven  or on our site .

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Covid-19 pandemic: we're on the right track!

HPPR seems to you to be idling at the start of the year ...

Do not be fooled by appearances !

Its workshops are running at full speed to share their achievements with you as soon as sanitary conditions allow.

Workshops in Schools, Restaurants, Streets and even the Temple ... are continuing their research, preparing for future exhibitions.

Your drawers are overflowing with old documents concerning this research! Photos, anecdotes ... Remember to send them to us for copy!  

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